Coaching Skills for Managers

Managers who have a firm grasp of cutting-edge coaching strategies will have a competitive edge in the field of management. The only problem is that, to date, most managers have not been given these coaching skills.

In North America, 33% of respondents from the 2016 International Coaching Federation (ICF) Global Coaching Study said they use coaching skills in their work.

As an organizational leader, do you believe that your managers would benefit from …

  • Learning creative ways to motivate your team and invigorate productivity?
  • Improving the effectiveness of communication within and throughout your company?
  • Empowering employees to increase engagement and make solid decisions?
  • Successfully managing their team through change and growth?

Your employees will experience…

  • Increased clarity around goals and priorities
  • Using constructive feedback as a plan for success
  • How to work through emotional situations – less drama, more action
  • Creative problem solving strategies
  • How to navigate and overcome obstacles in the workplace and beyond
  • Improved communication
  • A more enjoyable workplace (retention)
  • Improved decision-making
  • Improved customer service

Those who attend Coaching Skills for Managers will gain tools, principles and skills to empower themselves and others to succeed in the areas of collaboration, communication and goal achievement. They will learn how to create and sustain powerful alliances with their colleagues and team members to move your company to the next level of excellence.

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