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Presentation Skills

Power Presentations, Inc. offers customized communication skills training that will take you to the TOP of your game. Develop and deliver dynamic presentations for all kinds of communication scenarios including: one-on-one communications; standing or seated presentations; and web-based meetings and webinars. CEO to novice presenter, this WILL take you to the next level of presentation skill! • 888.428.8410

Michael CavottaHeadshots

Your headshot is the leading edge of your personal brand. A pioneer in the photobranding field, Michael Cavotta blurs the lines between art and science to distill your authenticity and capture it in an image that says the right things about you. Schedule your no-obligation consultation today. • 440.490.1544

Holly MatsonVirtual Assistants

Are you an “on purpose” entrepreneur who is overwhelmed with the amount of tasks on your list and would rather spend your time creating business relationships? Holly Matson is a VA that will improve your client communications with blogs, newsletters and other business writing, and will help create organization and systems for your work. Feel the freedom today! Holly Matson, • 216.408.5461

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