Everything DiSC Workplace® Facilitation

Looking for a Certified Facilitator of the Everything DiSC Workplace®?

DiSC Workplace Map

Wouldn’t it be nice if people had their needs written all over them? Find out. Lori Gorrell, the founder of Upward Solutions Coaching and Consulting, offers the full suite of Everything DiSC Workplace® products to create a personalized learning experience for everyone within your organization.

Why work with Upward Solutions?

Lori is an experienced Everything DiSC® facilitator and coach who helps business and community leaders take their professional development to the next level. She is uniquely qualified to help you:

Receive personalized coaching.
Taking the Everything DiSC® assessment is simply the first step. Once you have your results, Lori can help you and your employees understand how to use this new information to more effectively communicate and work together.

Strengthen your entire team.
Lori can utilize the Everything DiSC® assessment with everyone in your organization to help each employee, no matter his or her title or role, understand and appreciate the different work styles of those around them.

Add value to your business.
Using the Everything DiSC Workplace®, Lori will coach your managers on how to bring out the best in their employees, improve employee motivation and achieve better team efficiency.

This is just the beginning of the benefits that can come from using the Everything DiSC® model in your organization. If you are ready to get started, contact Lori to begin the process with your employees.