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Engaging Professional Trainer | Leadership Development | Human Resource Expert | Program Design

“Lori has a unique skill set that includes an in-depth knowledge of DiSC® and dynamic presentation skills. This combination makes her a significant asset for an organization with a desire to improve their performance through individual assessments and action plans.”

FRANK ANTENUCCI, Geauga County Engineer’s Office

“It is not often that I have the privilege of working with people who have that unique combination of people smarts, humility, and passionate desire to help those around them succeed. Well, that is Lori Gorrell. She is a confident standout professional and a beautiful person. I have had the pleasure of working with Lori for years now in various capacities. We have collaborated in business work and in non-profit service, and through it all, she has epitomized gravitas and grace in all endeavors…No matter the type of interaction – tense, joyous, or neutral – Lori simply finds a way to make people smile.”


FRANK GLIHA, Geauga County Auditor

“It is my opinion that Lori Gorrell is outstanding in Professional Development and success coaching. What Lori did for my departments in the county was truly amazing. Staff members were excited about the opportunity to participate in her training and I for one learned what my team is all about and how best to work with them going forward. ”

Regional Human Resources Manager at Avery Dennison Materials Group NA, Graphics Products & Mentor Distribution Center

“Lori is simply the most effective coach I have had the pleasure to know. She has the unique combination of providing challenges, opportunities, and support all at the same time. In a very short time, I felt like I had known Lori all my life, and she became a friend as well as a coach. Lori has a wide network of business colleagues, and is excellent at connecting people who can benefit from working together. Her strong coaching ability, leadership skills, and “can-do” attitude combine to make for an extremely valuable coaching experience. I strongly recommend Lori to anyone who is ready to take the next step in improving their life.”

Business Development Executive at PreTrax, Inc.

“I had the pleasure of working with Lori during a transition in my career. She was very enlightening with just a few simple questions. One does not have to look hard to tell that Lori has extensive experience within her line of work.

I would highly recommend her to any person or company that has a need for her services. You will not regret it.”

Gluten Free Granola & Bake Goods

“Coaching with Lori has been and continues to be an amazing journey. Coaching opens my mind and clears away the noise and clutter to allow me to see what is possible. Coaching helps me stay on track by holding me accountable while helping me work through challenges and obstacles. Coaching improves my confidence in my ability to be successful.”

COO at CarePlus

“My experience with Lori was exceptional. I currently own one company and she was integral in assisting me with the ability to develop and start my second company. I highly recommend her services.”

Development Director at Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park | Fundraising | Marketing | Events Management

“Lori is very professional and provided me with the correct advice to advance my personal and professional life. I have secured a wonderful new job and her guidance was right on target. While we worked together in 2009, Lori’s advice guides me weekly as I encounter difficult situations that deserve care and feeding for positive results.”

Business Startup Visionary | Speaker | Business Launcher

“I highly recommend Lori Gorrell as a coach if you want a real partner who will help you reach your goals. Lori is a pro at digging deep to find hidden roadblocks that stand in the way of success. She is also a master at pointing out hidden potential. She is always there to offer support and to help re-adjust the focus. Lori Gorrell is the perfect choice for strong-willed, success-minded business women.”

Certified Professional Dog Trainer at Cold Nose Companions, LLC

“I joined a coaching group of Lori’s as I was planning a significant expansion of my business. I realized what I was planning would test me and require I be at my very best. With Lori’s help, I have navigated this expansion with great attention to details — as well as the big picture — while maintaining my existing business (and my sanity). I can say without hesitation that my efforts would not have been nearly as effective if I didn’t have Lori’s support and coaching throughout the process. Her services were an outstanding investment of money and my time. Without a doubt, I will work with Lori again in the future!”

Dr. LIZ C.
“Coaching helped me experience more clarity and understanding of blocks I create. The best thing about having a coach is accountability and staying motivated and creating a focused plan for business growth and personal growth.”

“When I was in coaching I experienced more focus and clarity. The best thing about having a coach is the accountability and also the structured framework it provides. This was important to me because I tend to procrastinate (a lot!) Knowing that I had a set call on a set date of the week motivated me to think about my situation and do my homework (setting goals, planning for the future, etc.) ahead of time and not wait until the last minute to think about these things (or worse yet, not do them at all!)”

“With coaching I experienced more clearly defined priorities and setting goals that were reasonably achievable. The best thing about having a coach is spending time with a trusted professional and celebrating accomplishments.”

“With Lori’s coaching, I experienced more acceptance and yet more challenges to my way of thinking. It was far more advantageous than when I sought knowledge and advice through my own research and discernment. The best thing about having a coach is that my ideas were accepted but other positive viewpoints were presented and collated with mine to achieve the broadest perspective and still arrive at the desired outcome. Lori has that ability to synthesize the goals with laser precision and yet maintain a global view of her client’s desires.”

“Coaching opens my mind and clears away the noise and clutter to allow me to see what is possible.

The best thing about having a coach is that she improves my confidence and holds me accountable which helps me travel a path that is outside of my comfort zone.”

“With coaching I was able to sharpen the ideas of what my business is, what it does and how we can help other businesses. It helped me to see myself and my company as problem solvers who have valuable knowledge, information and resources and not just as a distributor of tapes and packaging products.

Lori’s assignments and deadlines made me accountable to doing the work and made the coaching experience much more productive. With Lori’s support and encouragement I am now feeling more focused and energized about my company and what we do. I have the confidence to talk about my company to others.

I came to Lori because I had applied to Goldman-Sachs 10,000 businesses program and wasn’t feeling confident in my interview skills. I feel that because of the coaching I received I was able to do well in the interview and I have been accepted into the highly competitive program!”

“Lori is inspirational and enjoyable. Our coaching sessions give focus and clarity to my week, and there is always something new to learn. She is supportive and very professional. Coaching has been an excellent tool for my professional and personal life this year.”

“I came to coaching with big dreams and big goals as well as big fears and big perceived roadblocks. Lori has taught me to recognize the source of those fears, release them and to even celebrate them.”

“I now look at life in two ways. My way and the other perspective. I can see myself and accept me for who I am.”

“Working with Lori is a pure delight. Her compassion and professionalism is well balanced with insight, humor and integrity. She is masterful at getting me to see what I need to at the time, moving me forward, and creating a caring and enjoyable environment to work within. I would not be where I am today without Lori’s skillful coaching, support and commitment. Thanks, Lori!”

“For years I’ve had dreams of what I’d like to do with my life but I kept procrastinating and always found reasons to not move forward. After working with Lori for the past few months, I really feel excited about the future and have started making concrete steps towards transforming my life. Lori helped me create realistic goals and then kept me accountable towards meeting them on a consistent basis. I also learned a lot about myself in the process. Lori was fun to work with and with her positive coaching and guidance, I’ve been able to get my life back on track and refocus on what’s truly meaningful to me. Thanks Lori!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lori. I found her to be very insightful regarding where I was with my personal process regarding my career goals. She provided me with a variety of useful tools for dealing with negative thoughts that were slowing my down. Lori was able to help me get past some procrastination by helping me understand why I was procrastinating and how to take action steps. I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with her in the future.”

“Thank you for the positive results your “Monkey Meetings” created for my employees. Many employees are using the techniques not only at work but also at home as well. Thank you for sharing the employee comments. The overwhelming positive comments helped me gage whether my employees felt this was a good fit for their needs. It was a great experience for everyone.

Thank you for guiding my staff to an “Exceptional Resident Experience!”


Success Skills

It’s helpful to be aware of attitude and how it affects situation.”

“It’s nice to receive positive tools that help a person realize one’s own current performance standard set for one’s self. (Positive reinforcement) is an excellent tool and motivator!”

Thank you for your time and knowledge. This has had an impact on my views and opinions of people at work and in life in general.”


DiSC Workshops

Treasurer, Geauga Faith Rescue Mission

“The workshop that you facilitated for our board helped me to get to know the people better in a very efficient manner versus trying to read them for a year or two worth of meetings. Because of the business nature of a board one doesn’t have much opportunity to see what really makes a person tick because everybody is coming prepared and putting their best foot forward. This was truly an insightful and beneficial time. You have a natural gift for this sort of thing. I believe it will absolutely have an impact on our ability to communicate effectively and improve efficiency!”

Engaging Professional Trainer | Leadership Development | Human Resource Expert | Program Design

“Lori has a unique skill set that includes an in-depth knowledge of DiSC® and dynamic presentation skills. This combination makes her a significant asset for an organization with a desire to improve their performance through individual assessments and action plans.”

Executive Director at Leadership Geauga County and Education Management Consultant

“I was fortunate to have Lori Gorrell assist Leadership Geauga County in one of the more important parts of our training at the annual retreat. She did an outstanding job of presenting the concepts of the DiSC® profile to the Class of 2014. She is a professional and I highly recommend her as a leader and a trainer.”

Executive Director at Geauga Humane Society/Rescue Village

“Lori is a tremendous asset. From leadership coaching to team building, Lori’s approach is professional, cutting-edge and also innovative. She brings skills and insight, practical and visionary guidance and approaches. Her support is very positive and yet she is able to help you tackle thorny problems and difficult challenges with candor and positivity. Top-notch. I highly recommend Lori.”

Writer, Reiki Master

“Lori, I would be on your team any day. I value your teaching abilities, your self-possession, your accumulation of knowledge, your kind sense of humor and your sparkiness.”

PhD Psychologist and Master Certified Coach accreditation with the ICF | Author

“As the Director of the Academy for Coaching Excellence it is my pleasure to recommend Lori as both an Executive Coach and a professionally excellent trainer. She is thoughtful, effective, and creative in her approach with both individuals and groups. She knows how to develop teams that are resilient when dealing with complexity and change. People leave her seminars very satisfied because they are armed with tools for ongoing success.”

Superintendent of Cardinal Local Schools

“I am very fortunate to have been able to use Lori’s expertise in team building. She was able to utilize the necessary tools, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, to engage my team in professional growth activities. Her ability to provide relevant learning through videos, role-play, and reflection has helped to transform my Leadership Team into a High Performing Leadership Team. Lori’s attention to detail and ability to provide timely and specific feedback throughout the training has reaped major dividends in my team’s ability to stay focused on our work, use conflict as a problem solving tool, and to build trust in each other’s strengths.”

Advertising Director for Good News publications

“It will only take a few moments for you to realize the excellent decision you made with Lori’s workshop. The mechanics of a business are relatively easy to understand…numbers are numbers. It is the challenge of understanding the people that require someone like Lori. Without hesitation I will be utilizing her expertise once again in the coming months.”

“I appreciated the interactive nature of the program as well as keeping it upbeat.”

Bob D.
“Very helpful – would highly suggest to other employers. Awesome job!”

“Thank you for guiding my staff to an “Exceptional Resident Experience!”