So I’ve Heard About the DiSC Assessment. What Does “DiSC” Stand For?

Many people have heard of the DiSC® Assessment– nowadays it’s a well-known tool in many workplaces. However, while “DiSC®” is a commonly used word, not everyone knows what these different letters stand for. You may have heard people saying “I’m an S” or “I’m a C,” but what exactly does that mean?

DiSC Workplace Map

Each letter in “DiSC®” represents a different style, and when people say “I’m an S” or “I’m a C” they’re stating where they were personally located in regard to style when they took the assessment. However, with the Everything DiSC® Assessment, these styles get more specific and are actually broken down into twelve total styles. Each of those styles is further defined by three or more priorities to provide even more insight into your workstyle that could include challenges, results, action, enthusiasm, collaboration, support, stability, and accuracy. Now, let’s get more in-depth with each letter.

The “D” in DiSC® stands for dominance. Generally, people who fall under the D style are direct and can be forceful. People who are part of this style are usually competitive, like taking action, and want results. D-style people tend to be decisive and enjoy challenges.

The “i” in DiSC® stands for influence. People who are in the i style are usually optimistic and outgoing. They also like taking action and value collaboration and teamwork. Those who are part of the i style like to share their ideas with others and like recognition in a social setting.

The “S” in DiSC® stands for steadiness. Those who fall into the S style are typically accommodating, patient, and like being helpful. They also value stability and enjoy collaborating. People who are part of the S style are typically sympathetic and good at listening.

The “C” in DiSC® stands for conscientiousness. People who are part of the C style tend to be reserved. They like stability, prioritize accuracy, and are analytical. Those who are part of the C style typically like planning and strive to be precise.

Why do letters matter? Knowing your DiSC® style provides insight into how you go about your day and why that is significant to not only yourself but to other people. Knowing allows for understanding and understanding becomes a tool for communicating, collaborating and achieving great results, together.

This is just a brief overview. If you take an Everything DiSC® Assessment, you will get a full report that goes into much greater depth on your personal style and suggestions for successfully interacting with people with different styles, needs, and motivators than you.

If you’re interested in an Everything DiSC® Assessment, get in touch! Upward Solutions offers a variety of Everything DiSC® Assessments and can help you determine which will be the best and more informing for your situation.

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