Are You Missing Potential Sales?

Man on Phone

How often do you feel like you are missing out on sales because you can’t make a good “connection” with your client? There’s something missing that is preventing you from truly reaching that client and making the sale. Even the best salespeople run into this problem and it can be incredibly frustrating when this happens.

Upward Solutions can help – and we will begin with an Everything DiSC® Sales assessment to help you adapt your approach to the unique buying styles of your customer.

Customers are all different and have different buying styles. You need to cater to the emotional needs of each different customer. The DiSC® assessment results will show you how to adapt your personality to work effectively with a variety of clients and to best suit their individual personalities. This helps to take the guesswork out of selling. By identifying the different emotional motivators of your clients, you will be able to make a personalized connection that facilitates more productive interactions and stronger sales.

Once you figure out how to best connect with different personalities, you’ll have the tools to create a strategy that can be adapted for every customer.

Think taking a DiSC® assessment could help improve your sales? You’re right! Get in touch with Lori Gorrell today to get set up for your Everything DiSC® Sales assessment.

Start Improving Your Sales with an Everything DiSC® Sales Assessment