I Don’t Work with Athletes. Why Do I Need to Learn About Coaching?

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When most people hear the word “coach,” they probably think of someone on a field or in an arena telling athletes what they ought to be doing to win. While that is definitely a coach, managers in the workplace are also coaches. It’s true! Becoming a better coach for your employees will impact them positively, both in the workplace and out, of which directly impacts your company’s culture and morale! By working on your coaching skills, your employees win in many ways. Ultimately, the benefits will often come back and elevate you as both a manager and as an organization. Here are a couple of the ways that coaching in the workplace can boost your team individually, culturally and functionally.

1. Improved clarity around priorities and goals
By coaching your employees you are engaging with them as an individual that has a unique set of talents and needs. With this in mind you will be able to create goals that have meaning and relevance to both the individual and the organization. The actions will be clearer, when there is established relevance, and now you’ve created a line of communication open for them to receive support as needed on the way to the goal line. It’s a win-win combination.

2. Increased ability to handle emotional situations
Everyone knows that emotional things can happen in the workplace. There are times when employees become frustrated with the circumstances which leads to unfavorable conditions. By coaching your employees and providing the appropriate tools, they will be better equipped to handle these situations going forward. This is also beneficial to them when handling emotional situations out of the workplace.

3. Better problem-solving skills
By coaching employees on how to get to a solution to a problem instead of telling them how to solve a problem, you are improving their problem-solving skills and building their confidence. The increased confidence leads to improved creativity because they are not spending their precious energy on worry and doubt. Problem-solving requires critical thinking where confidence and creativity will be paramount to a successful outcome.

4. Improved workplace satisfaction
Workplace satisfaction is incredibly important. There are statistics being reported that 70% of the current workforce is disengaged! By providing an environment that embraces a coaching culture your employees will enjoy a more engaged workplace and be more satisfied with their personal growth and the results they are producing. This all leads to reduced turnover and vastly improved productivity.

So, why do you need to learn about coaching? It’s simple – for your employees. Your employees are essential to your company running. By investing in them through coaching, you’re investing in your company. Your employees’ success is your business’ success!

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