5 Stupendous Traits of a Special Candidate

Employers always think they’ll “know it when they see it” when it comes to hiring a good candidate.
PXT Select™ can help eliminate the guesswork and help you develop a strategy to pinpoint the perfect person to fill the role for which you are hiring. With that said, you still need to come up with an idea of what you are looking for in a potential hire.  It’s not enough to rely on instinct alone.  You need to develop a persona, a set of characteristics that differentiate the perfect candidate from the rest. Here are some of the top traits employers are looking for when they are growing their team:

Communication is key.
You’re not just looking for how a candidate can relay information, but also how he interprets information. It’s not just about how the individual interacts in a one-on-one situation—how will he work in a group environment?  Can the candidate accept feedback and adjust accordingly?  Communication drives success.  Your new team member’s ability to encode and decode interpersonal and group messages effectively is key.

Initiative leads to innovation.
Self-starter.  That’s a common trait that employers are hoping to capture when soliciting new prospects for their team.  Is the person that you are bringing in willing to go above and beyond to get results?  Is your candidate open to learning new things and growing with the business?  How often does the person you are interviewing bring up goals?  You want someone who is going to work on your behalf as hard as he would work on his own. These are the kinds of people who change the face of your business.

Organization for your organization.
Sometimes during an interview, you can have a candidate that looks well put together.  She is dressed sharp, has a nice attaché case, is well spoken—all key indicators of a person who is well organized.  But organizational skills are not necessarily something you can judge by appearance.  Does the person you are interviewing talk about laying out plans and strategies, or do they talk about “winging it?” Do they mention actions that would appear to be a good work-life balance?  All these traits are important to adding a piece to your company’s puzzle that will help clear the clutter, not muddy the waters.

A person of character.
Employers often swing and miss when it comes to assessing character.  It can be hard to discern honesty in an interview, but often signs are there.  If the prospect is constantly embellishing or exaggerating while talking, you can get a sense that he or she might be hiding some truths.  If the candidate talks about her last place of employment negatively and recounts numerous interactions that were confrontational and combative, she might have been the problem. If she is speaking unfavorably and candidly about her previous employer, you could be next.  The common denominator in these stories might be the person sitting across from you.

Humble beginnings.
The last thing you want is someone who spends all his time bragging about accomplishments or taking credit for the success of others.  Modesty is a trait that is often overlooked but is important.  Don’t misunderstand humility for a lack of confidence; they are not mutually exclusive.  A modest employee can be a team builder and an asset to your work environment. You need a team member who is proud of what he has accomplished without diminishing the value of others.

You may have a different 5 stupendous traits you are seeking in a candidate, with PXT Select™ we can help you make the match.

PXT Select™ uses scientific metrics to determine how well your candidates fit the job you are filling.  Upward Solutions is here to help take the guesswork out of the hiring process.  To talk with Lori Gorrell about PXT Select™ training, contact us today.