What’s the Value of Management Coaching?

We talk a lot about knowing your employees. We always counsel that your employees will benefit from DiSC® workplace assessments by better understanding their work style. More importantly, we recommend these assessments so that the organization’s leaders can better understand what motivates their employees and how to best utilize their strengths. However, it can be hard to understand how these styles influence your employees when you don’t know where your style is falling on the spectrum.

What do you know about yourself? It’s true that few people know you better than you know yourself—you’re the only one with your memories of Cleveland winters from your childhood or what it was like when you went to your first Browns game. You also have agency over the many leadership experiences that have made you who you are today: your student internships, the leaders who have inspired you, and the commitments and sacrifices that have developed your values and strengths.

You are your own strongest tool in the toolbox. Your diverse experiences help you manage your employees and your partnerships in the most effective methods possible. In the same way that you invest in your team, it is also worthwhile to invest in yourself. Receiving coaching is one important contribution you can make to your leadership. Coaching can help you expand your career and help further develop the relationships you have worked so hard to make.

Coaching can reveal your strengths… and where you can improve. Often, knowing your strengths and weaknesses may not be enough to change your leadership style. It takes active work and commitment to improving your leadership qualities to achieve excellence in places where you may not have natural strengths. Personal coaching can inspire your creativity, bring clarity to problems or issues that may have been plaguing your organization, and make work more fun!

And coaching is meant for managers, too. Imagine an organization where each level of leadership, including managers, is built to challenge themselves to have effective communication methods and to empower all of the employees they lead. There are measurable results from leadership like this: higher retention rates, improved productivity, and top-notch levels of customer service are just a few of the benefits.

But coaching isn’t just for established leaders. Whether you are your organization’s leader, a manager, or a hard worker with a vision of what you want to achieve, coaching can support you. Any level of leadership can benefit from a careful analysis of better knowing yourself to understand better how to work with the people around you. And we’re not just talking about professional goals, although we recognize how important your career is in this process. Coaching is also appropriate for making the most of your own goals.

Take the first step, and start your professional and personal journey today. We’ll meet you halfway there with a great download to support your development as a leader. When you’re ready to take the next step, certified professional coach Lori Gorrell can help you decide what steps may be best for your personal development and where the rest of your team, such as managers, may also benefit from similar additional training.

Come away knowing yourself better than ever before. We promise you won’t regret it. Management coaching is the next logical step in your journey, and we encourage you to reach out to us today so that you can strategize your leadership development with Upward Solutions, a top coaching and consulting firm in Southern California, Greater Cleveland, and the Northeast Ohio region. Contact us today.