7 Ways to Motivate Your Employees

  1. Know Your Team.
    We mean it in the greatest sense of the word. Know the names of spouses or children, know when a birthday is coming up, and know what your employee is passionate about outside of the workplace. Additionally, know your employee’s personality type – this will help you understand their needs and their priorities to better-set goals and incentives. If you care about your employees, they have a greater incentive to care about their work.


  1. Give Feedback.
    It doesn’t have to be all positive feedback – highlighting what an employee has been doing well and providing constructive feedback on where they can improve shows them that you care about their work and that it’s valuable. Noticing and acknowledging that their work matters will create a more motivating environment that leads to creativity, productivity, and efficiency.


  1. Have Confidence…
    It may push them out of their comfort zone, but nothing motivates an employee like being counted on. Whether it’s a big project or a new responsibility, trusting them with a high-profile endeavor and expressing confidence in their ability to achieve it will inspire them to get creative and produce some amazing results.


  1. … And an Open-Door Policy.
    Although you may be confident in what your employees can do, don’t doom them to failure by being unavailable for questions or concerns. An open-door policy will help employees complete assignments correctly, and the one-on-one time will also give you a chance to work on step number 1 – knowing your team.


  1. Be the Example!
    Your motivation alone may not be able to inspire an employee, but your attitude about the work you’re doing will set the tone of your workplace. If you come into work early each morning, eager to accomplish your tasks and to radiate positive energy, you will set an example for your employees to follow.


  1. Work Hard, But Play a Little.
    Since you’ve done a great job knowing your employees by this point, you also know that they love a break from the regular old routine. Whether it’s having the quarterly meeting at a restaurant or gathering the group to do community service, bringing some “fun” into the workplace will motivate employees simply because they enjoy the environment you’ve created.


  1. Express Gratitude Through Recognition.
    Motivating employees through recognition doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive, but it is crucial to inspiring your workforce. A simple paper award at the monthly meeting or two weeks with the best parking spot in the lot will remind employees how valuable they are, and that when they work hard, they are acknowledged for it. Better yet? Have employees nominate one another. Nothing makes for a more motivating work environment than when employees are actively expressing value for each other.

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