3 Ways PXT Select™ Improves Your Hiring Efficiency

Interviewing and hiring the right candidate can feel a little like stepping into a Las Vegas casino.

You might feel like you really understand the game and that you have a strategy in place that will help you succeed with every hand you lay on the table. But the dealer holds the cards, and just when you think you have it all figured out there is a surprise, and a hand reaches across the table to sweep all of your chips to the other side.

The hiring process can work just like that. You think that you’ve researched every aspect of the candidates you interviewed and that you made the best possible decision. But there are items that everyone overlooks in the hiring process, and they can hold the keys to your success or failure in employee selection.

PXT Select™ overcomes these pitfalls by offering a comprehensive look into the key traits and characteristics that are important to the specific role you’re hiring for. Here are three ways that this system helps you find the right fit, every time:

1.   Discern the real candidate from their interview persona.

One of the most popular features of this system is the “distortion detector.” We all “put on airs” to some extent during an interview. But how much of the interview responses are attributed to nerves, and how much can be an attempt to give the answer the employer is looking for whether it’s truthful or not?

“Distortion Detection” will help you decipher whether someone is being candid or just telling you what you want to hear. It helps you understand which applicant is giving you the truth, and who is giving you an inaccurate representation of themselves just to make it to the next stage in the interview process.

2.   Compare candidates

Candidate A came in last week and seemed like a great fit. Candidate B came in today and was equally impressive. The problem for employers isn’t remembering the blatant characteristics, positive or negative, long after an interview. It’s remembering the smaller details that can be so vital in differentiating potential candidates as the hiring process advances. You were looking for some specific traits, and you found those in multiple prospects. But while looking for those elements, were there other red flags or other positive factors that you overlooked because of the volume of people you talked to?

PXT Select™ helps retain the entire spectrum of personality traits that make up each individual and then presents them in a comparison report that shows how each person measures up to the competition. It will help fill in the gap between what stood out about each interviewee and what minute intricacies might have been neglected. It can also reveal that a candidate that you thought was the leading choice for the job is actually better suited for a different type of position. They still might be a good fit for your company at some point, but a candidate you didn’t have ranked as prominently could emerge as the optimum hire for the current role you’re filling.

3.   The System indicates how a candidate will fit in with your current team

We’ve all been there. You hired a candidate that was great on paper and nailed the interview, but when they settled into the office, they just weren’t a good match for the corporate culture. Finding the right hire is not about filling a hole, it’s about completing a team. You have to retain your current staff too because after all, you worked hard to find them. The last thing you want to do is bring in someone who is going to rock the boat.

PXT Select™ determines where your candidate and team align on key metrics like pace, assertiveness, sociability, accommodation and more. Some candidates are suited for work that is more individualized; some thrive in a team environment. You might have a tough time telling that through conversation, but thanks to this system there is no longer guesswork involved. You’ll find a person who makes your team and company a better place to work and moves you towards success.

Upwards Solutions puts the advantage in your hands

Take the guesswork out of your interview process. Upwards Solutions gives exact and targeted information based on metrics that directly impact the position you’re hiring for. Contact Upwards Solutions today and find out how PXT Select™ expert Lori Gorrell can improve the way you choose employees and hire the right person every time.