Why Your Employees Will Benefit From DiSC® Assessments

Northeast Ohio knows something about championship teams. When we watched our World Champs take the league by storm a couple of years ago it was like witnessing a well-oiled machine at work. Often their familiarity with one another was so in sync that they could make on-court decisions without communicating, almost as if they knew what the other team member was thinking without uttering a word.

In a perfect world, our business lives would operate like that. But in most cases, we simply don’t have time to build that kind of relationship in a short amount of time. Personalities vary so much from person to person and workplace to workplace that it seems like a tall task to try to figure out a co-worker’s patterns and nuances without having years to study them.

The Everything DiSC® Workplace does all of that assessment for you, in a format that is effective and easy to understand.

What if there was a tool that could help us know more about each other and ourselves almost immediately? What if in the time it takes a basketball player to stretch before a game you could have, in your hands or on your mobile device, a complete breakdown of your employees’ tendencies, motivations and interaction style without ever breaking a sweat?

With DiSC® assessments and evaluations you can:

  • Get the most out of your employees by learning how to read their individual style.
  • Build better relationships with workplace interaction in mind.
  • Bridge the communication gap between leader and employee by learning what motivates each other.
  • Understand yourself better and gain insight into your own personality style.
  • Predict outcomes for strategy based on patterns of behavior associated with different personalities.
  • Reduce workplace conflict through a better understanding of coworkers.
  • Make better use of time by understanding which employees are better working in a group setting versus those who work better alone.

You don’t have to do it alone- Upward Solutions is here to walk you through every step. Lori Gorrell is a certified professional coach with the International Coach Federation and she is available to help you get started building a championship mentality for your term. Get started with Upward Solutions today and find out why DiSC® training is the difference-making business tool you’ve been seeking.