Commandment 6: Be a Giver

Commandment 6 is about conveying something of help or value to your audience –  in essence, “Be a Giver”! This is not about being a know-it-all, having to fix people’s problems with your opinions or always having a solution.  It is about sharing when you have something of value to your audience, lifting them up, helping them move forward in some way.

5 Simple Ways to Be a Giver:

  • Help someone build their network and relationships by connecting them with a relevant contact.
  • Share an article or tip that is pertinent to the receiver.
  • Volunteer at an upcoming fundraiser.
  • Share a solution that recently worked for you (for instance, evaluate a formula in Excel with Alt+T+U+F).
  • Run an errand for an overwhelmed colleague or friend.

Of course there are many more ways to be a giver; the point is, do something to give without expectation of something in return.