Commandment 4 – Support Is Not a Dirty Word

“Raise your hand if you hate asking anyone for support.”

I can’t tell you how many times I ask that question and the whole room is full of hands in the air. The most common excuse that I hear is “it’s easier to do it myself.” The second most common excuse is “I don’t want to bother them, everyone is so busy.” (Comment below – I’d love to hear what others you use!)

As covered in the previous three Commandments of Good Communication, it is important to seek clarity, be focused and consider the variables such as location and personality style. The element of support can take our work to the next level, if we allow it. In workplace communication, asking for support can give you the competitive edge. When someone reviews our work or our writing, or provides the space for us to think aloud, our minds open to additional insight, objectivity and an overall better message.

When you welcome appropriate support to develop the facts and create the plan, you will undoubtedly meet with more success. This can apply to a wide range of communication topics, from organizational change to engaging people to attend the company picnic. Those that you enlist are likely to be your most active supporters and adopters on the matter at hand. By having them become a part of the process, they will have buy-in, which as you know is the key to rallying people to take action.

As it turns out, engaging support has multiple benefits.

  • You don’t have to do it alone.
  • You get the benefit of insight and objectivity.
  • A clearer message emerges.
  • Those that are in the game with us are inspired.

Think of a time when you were asked for support because you were just the right person and the asker knew you would add value. I imagine you were honored. Don’t deny others the opportunity to say yes to contributing just because you thought they would be too busy.

This is a lesson for all areas of your life: allow support. You don’t have to do it alone.

Sometimes support comes from outside sources. If you are looking for a resource to vet ideas, help you develop a plan and make sure that you have a clear message, I have a wide network of resources that are always honored to be asked.  Contact me at and let me know how I can help you connect.