Are You Ready?

(Spoiler alert, this is a personal message!)

This question has been with me all year in a profound way. “Are you ready, Lori?”

This comes from last February when my mother passed away after a short illness. The question is not about my readiness to have my mother pass, because of course the answer is no. It is about being at the end of our lives knowing that we lived with authenticity, clarity, conscious of our convictions and demonstrating who we really are in our hearts, at all times.

When it became clear that we (my amazing siblings and I) were going to be saying goodbye to Mom, I started to think about how we would provide her with the privacy that she always preferred and yet honor her with those closest to us. The answer was that I would eulogize my mother at a family-only service at their (Mom’s and Dad’s) beloved hillside resting spot. The weather had been cold, blustery, snowy, dreadful weather right up until the day of the funeral – it was merely crisp that day and the sun was shining on us for the service.

Where this all leads is that it was nearly effortless to put into words how we felt about this woman, this wonderful force in our lives. The reason for the ease is because she so clearly demonstrated who she really was in her heart. She consistently showed us that she was courageous, compassionate and caring…beyond measure. There were plenty of examples for me to share about each of those qualities.

For this past year I have thought many times about what I wanted to say to you here and to ask you if you are ready. It’s a big question and one that needs to be answered repeatedly if we are going to make it easy on our loved ones to see us clearly all along – and especially at our final moment.

If you are interested in putting some thought into who you want to be, what light you want to be shining in this lifetime, I would love to help you see your finest qualities so you can be that every day. Contact me.