Why Do They Do That? Part 2: Social Animals

Last month I wrote about working with and understanding the ‘bold and blunt’ style, and I received an awesome response!  Some told me that THEY were the bold and blunt and thanked me for shedding some light for those that didn’t understand them.  Others reached out to say thank you because they have identified a B&B or two in their world and the tips were incredibly useful.  As promised, this month I am going to uncage the Social Animal.  Walk into my world!

business woman stockimagesHave you ever been surprised to learn that the officemate you thought was a bit flakey was actually quite intelligent?  Maybe you work with someone that you consider to be a little ‘over the top’ and wonder how they get anything done because it seems they are always talking or planning the office party.  We all know someone that is lively, active, make quick decisions and on the outer edge, a bit disorganized.  This is our ‘Social Animal’ and it is wise to take a minute to get to know him or her.

I am down-the-middle, one-half Social Animal!  You will learn about my other ‘half’ next month.  Right now the most important thing I can tell you about my animal side is to not mistake my enthusiasm for flakiness, please and thank you.  Other attributes that you may recognize about the Social Animal is that they (we) are encouraging, collaborative, sociable, optimistic and sometimes impulsive.  They (we) tend to get our feelings hurt when ignored or when we think someone doesn’t like us, our ideas or what we believe in.

What do you do when you need to work with this Social Animal and you are frustrated with their seemingly endless good cheer or that they wear their heart on their sleeve?  The short version of what would be helpful to know:

  • They (we) don’t particularly enjoy being in a dull environment.
  • If it seems like they are being too ‘cheerleader’ it is because they want you to succeed!
  • You may judge their enthusiasm, and you are being judged on your level (or lack) of enthusiasm

Tips for working with a ‘Social Animal’ person:

  • Give them opportunity to bring a group together to problem-solve. You won’t be disappointed.
  • If you are concerned with the job being completed on time, state your objectives, expectations and give a timeline.
  • Take the time to be thoughtful about giving feedback or constructive criticism.  You will get a better and more effective response.

As with all work styles, the Social Animal brings tremendous value to an employer, organization or household.   They will be THE one to sell your visionary idea or revolutionary product!  Their boundless energy will keep the team moving when energy is low, and will bring some fun into the project.  Don’t underestimate the magnetism of this animal when it comes to igniting passion around your workplace.

Next month we will bring out the clipboard and check off the qualities of the ‘steady and supportive’ people in your world.  Then in August we will take a calculated look at the ‘data driven’.

Learn more about styles in the workplace – call me and catch the enthusiasm for communicating with anyone, anywhere, with style and grace!

(image courtesy of StockImages)