This could end badly!

My husband and I took a road trip to Colorado.  We left on a Sunday morning bright and early so we could have the time to enjoy the Pere Marquette State Park where we were staying.  When we finally got to our room I wanted to be sure to plug in my phone so I hunted down an outlet. I found more than the outlet – I found a mousetrap (the glue variety) behind the little loveseat!  Please keep reading…

We then went to the rather pricey onsite restaurant and I had a meal that tasted much like that from a school cafeteria circa 1975.  The next morning John went to work out bright and early, and was told that the fitness center wouldn’t open until 8am – when he finally got in there it was over 800 and pretty uncomfortable for a 4-mile run.  Keep reading…

road tripWe got back on the road but I realized at about 30 miles out that I had forgotten my wedding band on the bathroom counter in the hotel.  There were a few interesting words and loud sighs to be heard, but we obviously had to turn around.  We were so late I had to make the sad call to cancel the massages that had been arranged for us because there was no way we could make it before the spa closed.  Do you get where I am going with this?  This was only the first 30 hours of the week long trip!

Let me try the story again from a different angle.

My husband and I recently took a road trip to Colorado.  Last minute I had planned only a few parts of the trip; I was going on the premise that we would be more serendipitous than scheduled.

I had no idea that the place I had chosen for us to stay the first night would be along the Mississippi River – the best surprise!  It was so interesting to see how well maintained the road, bike paths and riverbanks were for the whole stretch we drove.

The state lodge where we stayed for the evening had a lovely view and beautiful grounds. So, after we had a meal where we laughed the whole way through at the food, service and price tag, we took a nice walk and enjoyed stretching our legs knowing we had two more days of travel ahead.  Even though we had a serendipitous adventure going back along the Mississippi to retrieve my wedding band it turned out to be a blessing that we could skip the scheduled massages and start enjoying our friend in KC even sooner.  Great BBQ, lots of chatter and a beautiful lightning and thunderstorm made for the perfect evening.

I could finish telling you about our seven-day road trip to Colorado or I could tell you about our amazing seven-day adventure to the Wild West.  Which do you want to hear?

The stories I have told here are about the same trip. And yet they are vastly different scenarios.  Have you ever noticed that we do life the same way?  We can either tell about our mishaps and misfortunes or we can tell about the grand adventure of our everyday life.

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘You get what you focus on’?  

Life is what we make it.  What are you focused on?  A story that ends badly, or a grand adventure?