Spring Cleaning

Editorial for Middlefield Post

Spring is here! Are you one of those people that opens the windows, prepares a bucket of hot, sudsy water and digs in for a day (or three) of spring cleaning? Or do you head to the garage, determined to get organized this year? March 20 marked the turning point for a new season ~ Spring. We associate Spring with flowers bursting from the ground, birds singing and a few rain showers. It could also be considered a time to open up the windows of our life and look at what is really important to us, to discover what it would be like to live our life with more ease at work and at home, and to have our own turning point for a life that we love. Take a deep breath of this wonderful spring air and think about what you would be, do or have if time, money and energy weren’t deterring factors…have fun with this…dare to dream a little. A day or so after you make your list, take a look at it and pick one item that you want to take steps toward, now. The steps you take don’t need to be big. You may want to plant an amazing flower bed; start with making a list of your favorite flowers. The saying goes “how do you eat an elephant…one bite at a time.” It may just put a lively step in your Spring Cleaning chores to be thinking about your next step toward something you really want!