Promises Kept


Are there times when you are tired physically, emotionally and maybe even spiritually? You feel healthy, you are getting enough sleep, but something is still dragging you down. Well, this may be a question that you never thought of asking yourself about that tiredness…have you made promises to yourself or others that you haven’t kept? When a promise is made, we create a ‘space’ for that action to happen. The promise could be to make dinner for a friend, return a library book, to get an annual check-up, to say a daily prayer, to balance the checkbook or, just cut down to one cup of coffee a day. The ‘space’ created by the promise can only be closed when we do what we say we are going to do. The effect of not keeping a promise is tension that is created by the incompletion…and that can drain our energy. More energy is used to keep that ‘space’ open than to complete the promise. Unfinished business weighs us down! You may find it helpful to make a quick list of all of the open promises you have made, big and small, and make a date to complete the promise. You may notice that as each one is done your energy is restored.