A Life Coach Can Help Work Through Personal & Professional Change

Lois Hewitt

Burton – Gone are the days of working for one company or staying in one profession your entire working career. Due to these difficult economic times as well as the greater need for personal fulfillment, lives have gotten chaotic and hard to define. Sometimes a little help is needed to set professional as well as personal goals and a Life Coach can be that help.

Life Coaching is NOT therapy; it is a partnership between a client and a coach with a mutual desire to produce fulfilling results in those areas that need clarification. Coaching enhances core qualities and improves overall performance while drilling down to find the client’s authentic self in order to help them make good life choices using a set of fundamental tools. The Life Coach is trained to access each person’s individual characteristics and needs and can, therefore, provide the correct set of tools to lead them to achieve their goals. While therapy tends to work on past issues, coaching is forward focused and action based. Obviously, past experiences influence today’s experiences but in coaching the past is accessed for the gifts it has given not for anything it may have taken away.

One such Life Coach is Lori Gorrell who is based in Middlefield, but works all over the country. Since most coaching sessions are done by telephone, Lori is able to coach clients locally and beyond. She holds a Master of Science in Management as well as a BS in Business Administration. She has over 20 years of work experience in the corporate arena. In addition, Lori is a second degree Reiki practitioner. She is also a very active volunteer with the Geauga Humane Society. Currently she is working toward certification with the International Coach Federation. She has lived the corporate life and understands its workings and that allows her to understand a client’s needs in their search for their authentic self.

Coaching has been around for 20 years and was originally used to fill professional needs in the corporate world. As job markets became more challenging, the need for corporate collaboration increased and personal time became more stretched, those coached corporate professionals started looking at coaching as a way to increase personal growth as well as professional growth. The phenomenon has grown from there.

Lori’s niche is consulting with individuals as well as small businesses. She deals with many personal life changes such as career changers, empty nesters, those individuals caring for children and their parents at the same time as well as people just looking for clarity in their lives. These types of life situations can cloud an individual’s goals and personal needs. She does not offer answers, those come from the individual. She is skilled in “artful inquiry” and that makes her able to draw the needs from a person and guide them in an authentic direction. Lori offers clarity which equals choice.

“Coaching helps create a game worth playing and goals worth playing for.” She challenges blind spots, adds new perspectives and provides accountability. Sometimes a client just needs someone to let them know how valuable they are. Lori offers coaching with no judgments as there are no set-in-stone right or wrong answers. She offers her clients a safe relationship and shows them how to leave their comfort zone and move into a growth zone. A growth zone may have some discomfort involved, but without that discomfort growth cannot exist.

After having her own Life Coach she realized that her personal as well as professional dream was to support people. Lori told me that she was a “people person” and explained how that term has been so overused and misused in recent years. She told me her desire to really help people find their joy and her enthusiasm was true.

Coaching knows no age or gender lines. Lori’s clients range in age from their 20’s through to their 60’s and everything in between. The only criterion is that the client needs to be willing to accept the process. That acceptance can come at any age.

Lori suggested a book for any one interested in transition. It is called The Traveller’s Gift by Andy Andrews. This is a modern day parable of a desperate man who seeks wisdom from people of the past and walks away with winning life lessons.

If you are interested in learning more about Lori and the Life Coach process, you can check out her website at www.upwardsolutionscc.com. Her contact information is located on that site. She is an absolutely delightful and sincere person. She would love to help you with your professional and/or personal growth development. [/box_successful]