Onward and Upward

Achieve a better experience doing life.

Upward Solutions is about human fulfillment – that need within all of us to flourish, live well and experience excellence. The concept of human fulfillment is not new; in fact it was Aristotle [384‐322 BC] that named this human aspect as Eudaimonia.

It’s all about our action, our intention and the results produced. ‘Right’ action will result in fulfillment. The obstacle for mere mortals is to determine our ‘right’ action; to get clarity so we know where to focus our attention and then take that right action. It is different for each person, each organization, each team. It is with that in mind that we have chosen easily implemented solutions to move you forward both personally and professionally.

Certified professional coach Lori Gorrell and her team at Upward Solutions offer a variety of services to help you move “onward and upward,” including coaching for employees and managers, DiSC® assessments, and PXT Select™ hiring. Our team works with clients in Greater Cleveland, Northeast Ohio, Southern California, and across the state.

We believe that, given the proper tools and exceptional support, you can have a better experience doing life.

Gain the Tools to Succeed